Wise Entrepreneurship

Narrative thought
is brought
to you
when you are ready to choose
your own way
to live your life 
from the bottom of your heart.
Keeping thoughts from strangers apart.
Trusting the love and wisdom within,
taking your chances and win
what truly belongs to you.
So go an do
what you love and love what you do
than you’ll shine your authentic you.
And success will follow as long as you trust
that being a leader and chief is not a must
but a choice that you’re willing to take.
So go and make
the reality you want to create
while destroying the rotten hate
of people who have not yet understood
that love and wisdom of the heart is the highest good.
‘Cause this is the new old currency 
of entrepreneurial leadership which is now key
to reset the system of outdated routines and functions
and rather playing with the new assumption,
that only love and wisdom can sustainably save the world.
Then peace will automatically unfurl.

(Birgitta Borghoff, 20. Juni 2020)

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