Awakening to Entrepreneurial Storytelling

If you wanna be an entrepreneur
your story counts a great deal.
Just being a wantrepreneur
doesn’t serve to pay you a meal.

If you tell stories of ideas rooted in love
you will inspire people who strive to awake.
You will help to open hearts
and understand the mechanism of give and take.

Whenever you go for your inner song
even if others don‘t give a shit
you will become strong
and be landing the next hit.

Trust is the key
and love your power
to serving the you and the we.
After all you will flourish like the most beautiful flower.

(Birgitta Borghoff, 22 June 2020)

About entrepreneurialstorytelling

Birgitta Borghoff, MA, MAS ZFH Creative Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial Researcher and Holistic Life Coach

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