Your Heart Knows The Plot

All Stories are made of love
after all they reveal what’s going on deep in your heart.
If you know, believe or feel it or not
your heart knows the plot
that you follow through life.
So go an thrive!

(Birgitta Borghoff, 26.04.2019)

Entrepreneurial Dwelling

“Intuitive telling
ist entrepreneurial dwelling
of emergent communication
inviting people to get into relation
while raising their voices and exchanging only “true” thoughts
and thus invoking the abundance of nought.”

(Birgitta Borghoff, 24.10.2018)

Birgittas Story on Research-Based Teaching

“Like a captain on a stormy sea
entrepreneurial storytelling seeks along you and me
while constituting a voyage by supportive communication
getting ready for higher vibration
leading each other confidentially
being proud of our own potential(ly?).
Growing out of children’s shoes
the story goes and flows.”

(Birgitta Borghoff, 18 October 2018)