Becoming an Entrepreneurial Storyteller by Research-Based Teaching

Why entrepreneurial thinking, acting and communicating are important to me and how I deal with “Entrepreneurial Storytelling” in research-based teaching I tell about and reflect upon in the Lifelong Learning Blog of the PHZH.

This blog article is in German only! – The German title is: “Durch forschungsbasierte Lehre zum Entrepreneurial Storyteller werden”.

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Brand Storytelling: Mastering the Art of ‘Story Doing’

Is storytelling really dead? 2017 was supposed to be the year that storytelling died. An article on customer engagement trends published by Forbes in late 2016.

‘Less Storytelling, More Story-Doing’. (…) Paradigm Shift in Storytelling. What it means is that while storytelling is very much alive, the storyteller has changed. The brand no longer controls the narrative. Rather, it is the consumer of that narrative, your audience, who decides how the cookie crumbles. You present them with a frame and they fill in the blanks based on their own feelings and experiences. Story-Doing is the new Storytelling.

(Article by Sheran Mehra, Head – Group Strategic Marketing and Communications, DBS Bank, India.)

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Entrepreneurial Dwelling

“Intuitive telling
ist entrepreneurial dwelling
of emergent communication
inviting people to get into relation
while raising their voices and exchanging only “true” thoughts
and thus invoking the abundance of nought.”

(Birgitta Borghoff, 24.10.2018)

New Work – The Future of Work?

In the spring semester of 2018, I designed and implemented a first practical colloquium on the topic of “agile self-management and reflection in action” for the bachelor’s programme in communication at the ZHAW. In this context I also talked about “new work”. At that time one of my students completed a communication internship at the Swiss education magazine eduwo. She was very interested in the topic “new work” and asked me if I like to take part in a video interview on this megatrend and answer questions. As a bridge builder, researcher, entrepreneur and coach, I consider “new work” to be one of several central building blocks of Entrepreneurial Storytelling, so I spontaneously agreed. A good colleague and friend, Susanne Mosbacher, human resources expert and entrepreneur (, is also involved. The result is the following video in German language.