Why writing poems is essential for entrepreneurs and academics with a multiperspective perception

Dear poetry-lovers

I am pleased to share with you the publication of my essay in the online, open-source, peer-reviewed journal Organizational Aesthetics. The current issue vol. 10 no. 1 (2021) focuses on the special topic “Poetry”, more precisely “Poetry for Organizing”.

„This special issue on Poetry for Organizing is not for everyone. Even though the original attempt was to create a compendium of the best poems for organizational scholars and practitioners, this is not a literary offering. Instead, it is a courageous demonstration of the possibilities of the many different ways poetry can be used as a lens for organizing, self and our place in organizations. This issue is an invitation for a select few curious and open-minded folks ready to explore the potential of poetry as a lens for making sense of organizing. It does this with examples from several of us who have explored this already, and with my personal journey in the process of co-creating this issue with them.“
(Jyoti Bachani, PhD, associate professor of strategy and innovation at Saint Mary’s College of California and founder of the US chapter of International Humanistic Management Association).

In my essay “Why writing poems is essential for entrepreneurs and academics with a multiperspective perception” I reflect upon my experiences with emerging poetry for organizing as an inter- and transdisciplinary researcher, lecturer, entrepreneur, coach and poet. By evaluating the why and what of my own poetry-making, I outline the way how I try to inspire people and organizations with and through poems. The essay tackles the question why writing poems is essential for an entrepreneurial and academic practitioner with a multiperspective perception like me; and what poems can tell and teach us about a multifaceted genuine professional praxis. My reflections and insights might inspire other organizational practitioners, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, educators, academics, researchers and communicators to grasp the ubiquitous presence and relevance of poetry for organizing, researching, teaching, coaching and consulting.

I would like to thank the editors of the special issue, above all Jyoti Bachani and Steven S. Taylor, editor-in-chief of the journal for taking on this poetic endeavor, especially since it is the first ever poetry for organizing special issue of a peer reviewed organizational journal.

I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

Best wishes,
Birgitta Borghoff

Download essay: https://oa.journals.publicknowledgeproject.org/index.php/oa/article/view/238/272
Download editorial: https://oa.journals.publicknowledgeproject.org/index.php/oa/article/view/206/240
Download special issue: https://oa.journals.publicknowledgeproject.org/index.php/oa/issue/view/24

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