Why we survive instead of living and what we can change by remembering – Holographic Ways in Reincarnation Therapy

The Dutch psychotherapist Tineke Noordegraaf (1945) has been working with reincarnation therapy for over 30 years. Together with the Dutch alternative physician Rob Bontenbal (1945, † 2015) and others, she developed the model of holographic reincarnation therapy (HRT). For many years, Tineke has been training people in holographic reincarnation therapy at the School voor Reïncarnatie- en Regressietherapie Nederland, which she co-founded. She is nationally and internationally known for her pioneering work in the field of reincarnation therapy with children. Together with Bontenbal she published about the HRT model in the American standard work “Regression Therapy” by Winafred Blake Lucas. Tineke works as a teacher and therapist in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, the USA and Hawaii. With the MagicK Walk she has also developed her own children’s training, which trains therapists to become holographic child therapists. Tineke is honorary member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Reïncarnatietherapeuten (NVRT) and member of the Association of Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT). She has two children and lives with her husband near Amsterdam. How Tineke experiences her path as a holographic reincarnation therapist and how she goes about her work, she told me in our online interview in July 2020.

by Birgitta Borghoff, spiritual and scientific researcher, creative entrepreneur and coach at brückenwege.ch

Why we are afraid of the invisible

In Holland many people are currently afraid of the corona virus. The future perspective has changed completely. The virus unconsciously reminds many people of former lives with an invisible enemy that could not be defeated at that time. This is becoming massively apparent here in the Netherlands at the moment. This phenomenon stimulates my curiosity as a reincarnation therapist. I think it is important to learn to be mindful of the current corona situation by taking a closer look at the symptoms and asking ourselves where these fears come from. Many people do not understand why they are afraid. Then I ask my clients’ subconscious to take the lead and show us more about the connection between the client and the subject of fear. When clients hear what their subconscious is telling them, they sometimes think that the information is from their own imagination, that it is not true or unreal. But if the adult part of the client takes the “fantasy” seriously and acknowledges it, the possibility opens up to go back in the client’s life story to where the fear suddenly makes sense. In the course of my work as a psychotherapist, I have observed and experienced that working in a normal psychological way often does not bring as much healing as if I use my subconscious mind to bring the client back to the cause of their current problem. Then I invite the client to bring the seemingly illogical, in this case his fear, into a large hologram (see figure 1). The client’s subconscious provides its own logic to get to the bottom of the cause of the fear. In this way we can find out why and when, i.e. in this or a previous life, it made sense for the client not to want to feel something or not to admit it. In other words, we bring the unconscious information and connected topic of fear back into the here and now of therapy. Is it about denial and rejection, not wanting to feel and being dissociated or was there a shock experience? The question is: What makes the client’s energy system choose not to feel, see or know something now? All this always has a meaning. But the cause is always hidden in the subconscious. Therapy is then about finding out under which circumstances it makes sense to forget certain things and when forgetting has an added value over remembering.

Why we cannot, may or do not want to remember

I work a lot with children who, for example, are not good at math or have difficulties in calculation. This is called dyscalculia (technical term for dyscalculia and difficulties in understanding and applying mathematics). Or with children who, despite normal sight and hearing, can only read or write with difficulty (dyslexia). Then I ask the children under what circumstances not being able to read or calculate was not a problem, but a necessity to survive. Then interesting circumstances come to light from the children’s subconscious: “If I can read, it is threatening because I am not allowed to read.” The situation shows that the child, often as a girl or a woman in a previous life, was not allowed to read. There was a ban on going to school. Then I ask further: “Under what circumstances is it threatening to be able to write and do arithmetic?” It is possible that situations from ancient Egypt will arise where only boys were allowed to attend school. When it was discovered that girls could also write and do arithmetic, it was threatening for the children because then they were killed. Therefore it was better for the children at that time not to be able to write. If such a story (we also call it trauma) cannot be processed because the person died in shock, this subject is taken to the next incarnation. This with the intention to work on the topic in the present life without having to die. In my work I support my clients in removing the process of dying from the life of that time from the current energy system. It is about conveying to the corresponding part of the client’s consciousness that what was experienced at that time belongs to another life and is over. And that it is now completely safe and okay to live and write without having to die anymore. Through this holographic perspective the client sees that everything has a meaning and makes sense. His fear disappears. Energy is available again. Reading becomes easier and the difficulties dissolve. Some people call this a miracle. In this sense, it is wonderful to return to where it makes sense to activate changes in the energy system that were important in a past life but are no longer necessary in the present life. Then this part of the client’s consciousness redeems, functions again and is available in his present life. The past trauma is over.

Why Holographic Reincarnation Therapy

The question of WHY interested me even as a child. I have always wondered why many people don’t ask further and ask questions. I myself could only accept something if I could understand the why behind it. It was important to me to know why something was a fact. Fortunately I had parents who always tried to explain to me about the why behind things. I was always allowed to ask. Many children have learned not to ask so many questions. Asking, however, helps children to understand the things behind things. I also wanted to know where I was before I came to earth and where I will go when I am no longer on earth. It is strange but also interesting to want to know where I was before. When I asked myself where I was before, I also got an answer why I incarnated on earth. I stayed somewhere until the Second World War was over. I wanted to help people to understand that the war was over. I remember that as a child I painted a picture where I was in another dimension without a body. From there I had a good overview. In the drawing you can see the Second World War, which was almost over. That was a very appropriate moment for me to incarnate in a human body. In a mother who carried the hope that life would be better when the war was over. My father was also full of hope. He believed that people no longer had to be enemies of each other, but could only be people who disagreed with something. This was my morphogenetic field, which I needed to develop in such a way that I would be able to work with people and give them hope. To work on the hopelessness in people who still believe that the war is not over yet or that there is still an invisible (see Corona) or visible enemy, I need a bigger perspective than the here and now. I need access to the large hologram (see figure 1).

Recommended reading: Bontenbal & Noordegraaf (1993). Rob Bontenbal, M.A. and Tineke Noordegraf, M.M (The Netherlands). In Winafred Blake Lucas (Ed.), Regression Therapy. A Handbook for Professionals, Volume I: Past-Life Therapy, pp. 320-376. New York: Deep Forrest Press.

I was already interested in reincarnation therapy as a child, but I am also a very analytical person with appropriate gifts. I first studied medicine, because I wanted to know how the human being is physically constituted before working with clients on strong emotions and body feelings. The entry into the here and now is essential for my work, so that healing can happen. When I later decided on psychotherapy, I realized that psychotherapy can work not only in this life but also in past lives. I wanted to build bridges between the different incarnations of my clients. There were pioneers all over the world, in Holland for example Hans ten Dam. I am inspired by people who live their passion. Not so much the person, but the energetic radiation of people or situations where a positively vibrating morphogenetic field can be felt. For me, this is like an invitation to develop the best in myself. Hans ten Dam started experimenting with smaller groups for 10 days. When he later moved to Brazil, Rob Bontenbal and I, together with two colleagues, developed the model of Holographic Reincarnation Therapy (HRT) and started the three-year training in Holland. That was almost 30 years ago now. We were all brave and courageous and started something, although many people told us that we were completely crazy. From the moment that more and more healings took place and we gave more and more interviews, people who previously thought that we were crazy came to us. Many then thought: “If nothing works anymore, I’ll still try it.” Reincarnation therapy is becoming more and more mainstream in Holland. Even insurance companies are considering paying for this form of therapy because they have understood that people who are no longer traumatized are able to work again. This costs companies less money. That is why more and more insurance companies are willing to assume the risk for reincarnation therapy. We are the “back door” here in Holland. Even if it is not talked about much, there are bridges everywhere. My activity as a holographic reincarnation therapist has developed in a natural way in this sense. There have been repeated requests from people whether I can make returns to past incarnations to find out whether by remembering past lives something can be discovered which has remained unfinished and is causing problems in the present life. And to stop the unfinished business in such a way that the aftereffects and problems in the current life dissolve.

Für Deutsch sprechende Menschen
Eine englische Version dieses Interviews, habe ich auf meinem Blog brückenwege veröffentlicht. Das Interview darf gerne mit Freunden, Bekannten und Interessierte zum Thema Holographische Reinkarnationstherapie (HRT) geteilt werden.

In my work as a reincarnation therapist I also include other approaches, such as System Therapy (e.g. Arnoud Arntz, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam), Inner Child Work (e.g. Dr. Lucia Cappacione, art therapist and bestselling author) or NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), a method developed by Dr. Richard Bandler, mathematician, computer scientist and psychologist & John Grinder, Anglist and linguist. I integrate these methods into my work intuitively and systematically, depending on what becomes apparent thematically during the preliminary consultation for therapy. I always try to do what I can and not what I cannot. Otherwise I end up in a faint. It is important to know the difference. This is my focus. Then I achieve and move a lot. And there are always new challenges to try something new. This stimulates curiosity and the development of one’s own consciousness. It is important for me to pass this on to my students, colleagues and clients.

Why we develop diseases

I do not only work with people who are traumatized, but also with people who have no future perspective or do not know why they are here. People who do not feel at home on earth, who do not perceive their body well or who feel unworldly. I do this to give them a new orientation, that they can make friends with being in the body, i.e. being in the here and now. To find out what it means to be here on earth now. When people are depressed, I work with them in a way that they can reconnect with their own spirituality and the universe or with their higher selves. When the soul does not feel at home on earth, it focuses on a home that has nothing to do with the current incarnation. If these people can feel the connection between their spiritual and physical home again, the homesickness can stop. Depression and depressive feelings dissolve. This is the therapeutic part of my work.

The other part of my work has much to do with healing. Children, for example, often have a spiritual (not visible) connection with deceased people, even if they know that grandpa and grandma have physically died. Often they are “spiritual cuddly toys”. They are present when children need help, e.g. when parents are not physically present or emotionally unavailable. Then there is an energy that has more overview and wisdom that can calm the children. There are many invisible energies around us humans, not only deceased souls. Reincarnation therapy is also a pedagogy. It has a supporting effect when I confirm to people who can perceive it that these energies exist. It is important not to become dependent on these invisible energies and to come into one’s own autonomy. My experience shows that many traumatized people internalize the invisible energies so massively that they themselves almost disappear and are occupied by them. In psychology we call this schizophrenia, which cannot be cured without medication. People who are connected to their higher self can stabilize and strengthen their self-confidence through therapy. They externalize foreign energies and strengthen their own energy to be fully present in their own body. This is what we want to develop as human beings.

Why we do violence to ourselves

There are many ways to get started in reincarnation therapy. It is about offering people new perspectives again and again and helping clients to discover something new. We incarnate again and again to live through new possibilities and thereby develop our own soul. This gives hope. For example when people who actually want to end their lives start to understand that everything has a meaning. Even if it is difficult. When they realize that there is a good reason for how everything began. Even though they have forgotten that they themselves have to do something in order to understand why they (have to) live their life like this now. The more I understand now, the more I can let go immediately. And the less complications I take into my next life. Then I do not need to repeat anything because there is nothing more to learn.

Of course, there are also situations where I ask myself about the sense of abuse or violence. Here I am in conflict as a compassionate human being. To what extent can it be meaningful for my client, for example, to experience a rape? The rape itself is not meaningful. But learning to deal with it is essential. It is about finding or developing a way for yourself where you can stop being a perpetrator or victim. This is important. To support someone in this process, I first have to make sure that the client’s personality is stabilized and that he or she is able to admit emerging feelings. Rapists make the children feel and believe that it is okay what they are doing to them and that the circumstances are okay. But This is not true. Children then begin to believe something that is not true and internalize the conviction that they are to blame. Then I work with the children in such a way that they can feel again that they are only a child and not to blame, that the rapist alone is to blame. The children then realize that back then they had no way to defend themselves so that the rape could stop. If a child is allowed to be a child again, then I can go with him/her into previous lives and see what led to the rape in that life. But I am very careful here because a child does not have so much cognitive awareness that there might have been a previous life where he or she has been raped as another person. It is not relevant for the healing process of the child at this young age to know this though. If the child is not yet mature enough, the self-blame is immediately there and the child feels confirmed in his or her original sense of guilt. “You see, I am to blame”. Then the subject is only relevant as an adult when the consciousness has matured and developed a willingness to holographically get to the bottom of it. The topic should then be worked on so that it can be stopped in the present life. Also as an instructor it is important to me to teach my students not to start healing children too early. Children must first have and experience the opportunity to be a child again, before they are allowed to look at these stories and work through the traumas.

Why we approach the truth only together

Speaking of Corona, I am particularly interested in the beliefs of people who believe in conspiracy theories. Many people on this earth have spent former lives on Atlantis (see showcase).

What is Atlantis? Atlantis (ancient Greek Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος Atlantìs nḗsos ‘Island of Atlas’) is a mythical island kingdom first mentioned and described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (428/427 to 348/347 BC) in the middle of the 4th century BC. According to Plato, it was a naval power which, starting from its main island “beyond the Pillars of Heracles”, subjugated large parts of Europe and Africa. After a failed attack on Athens, Atlantis finally sank around 9600 BC as a result of a natural catastrophe within “a single day and an unfortunate night” (source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantis). Since the days of Plato, mankind has been fascinated by the sunken continent of Atlantis. Numerous books have been published about it, both in the past and in modern times. Since the turn of the millennium, interest in this lost world, which was probably the cradle of all cultures known today, seems to have been rekindled. When and where did Atlantis exist and what is the possible significance of the Atlantic past for the present? Dr. Peter Michel, the philosopher, writer and founder of Aquamarin Verlag (publishing house for spiritual and esoteric literature), explores these questions in various fields, ranging from the classical traditions of antiquity, esoteric traditions and modern scientific knowledge to the insights that the most important mystics of the present day gained about that sunken world in the Atlantic Ocean. His book “Atlantis. In Search of a Sunken World” (2002) provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of Atlantis research, the most important sources of antiquity and the most impressive experiences of the present (source: https://www.amazon.de/Atlantis-Suche-einer-versunkenen-Welt/dp/3894271906). On Mystica TV Peter Michel gives informative insights into the world of Atlantis (source: https://www.mystica.tv/die-geschichte-der-spiritualitat-teil-1-mit-dr-peter-michel/).

On the continent of Atlantis, a lot of things took place in the invisible. There were many highly frequent energetic manipulations, so that crystals burst. People became ill without knowing what they were suffering from. Energetic manipulation was mainstream in Atlantis. I could imagine that some of the souls now incarnated, who identify with conspiracy theories, unconsciously remember the time of that time. They eventually think they know what is happening right now. By doing so, they no longer have to go into the fear of that time and compensate for the former fear of death and powerlessness, which they no longer want to experience. If these people would allow to feel these fears within themselves, they could possibly fall into a deep depression. Then it is difficult to develop a positive future perspective again.

It is a fact that we still know a lot of things, but do not consciously remember them. If we know how to explore not-knowing and get involved with what we might know, the curiosity grows wanting to understand more and more what we do not know yet. The cooperation of different disciplines is the best thing that can happen nowadays. The cooperation of people who are spiritually and medially gifted, of scientists in laboratories, creative people and pioneers who have good ideas and discover new things. If we all sit at the same table and listen to each other well, new forms of collaboration can emerge. We would probably find out that at some point everything and everyone is a bit right and that the truth is much more subtle than we think. Then we can come to new insights together. The coronavirus is not new. There have always been viruses in this world (Ebola, plague etc.). But the interesting thing is: What happens when we have bodies that are no longer resistant? As long as there are humans, there will be diseases from which we (can) die. A current fact is that there are human bodies that are dying now, although e.g. children and younger bodies are resistant. So there must be something in the bodies of older people that causes them to die now, i.e. an immune system that apparently does not function optimally. It would be interesting for me to start a dialogue with these frequencies. Either with seeing or channeling people, with scientists or with people from the street. What makes us not resistant now? Because nature is not optimally healthy (climate crisis)? Because we eat animals or because the 5G-frequencies put a strain on our physical bodies? I think it is unlikely that one person alone will die from the coronavirus. Nothing is monocausal. This is too simple. I think that there is a large hologram of multiple causes that we need to look at together. It is important to remain flexible. For example, by taking a step back and allowing what someone else has said to be perhaps more true than you thought at first. If there is no flexibility, there is no dialogue. Rigidity often makes for two separate opinions rather than a dialogue about it. Only if I am internally flexible concerning the meaning of a different or strange opinion, I can really listen to the arguments. If people are flexible, they can listen. Then a dialog can take place, because both opinions are of equal value. But if I am convinced that I am right, I want to convince and get the other to do something I want. Inviting the other person to listen to what I have to communicate is more coherent, because it is not about being right. In the end, we have to learn (again) to form our own opinion. This always happens from the inside out, not by convincing others or making them obey. By doing so, we only stir up fear. But we humans strive for autonomy.

“The meaning of life is an inner perception, a subjective definition. Life and meaning are two different phenomena. There is no objective meaning of life. I myself decide how I interpret meaning, what I could do with it and how I want to manifest it. Life is organic and my consciousness is mine. I myself am responsible for how I deal with it. This is my leitmotif and contributes to my spiritual development. When my body has lived everything it can experience and wants to die, I will leave my body. I thank him for being the optimal vehicle for my life journey on earth. Then I or my soul will consider how much time I need to process and evaluate my current life before I create a new body with many new possibilities. My soul then selects again optimal circumstances where it wants to incarnate to express what it wants to manifest”.

(Tineke Noordegraaf)

Birgitta Borghoff, initiator of this online platform, became acquainted with the practice of Holographic Reincarnation Therapy (HRT) more than five years ago and since then has been allowed to make several returns within her current incarnation, to the time before her birth and also to past lives. She has also attended training seminars for holographic reincarnation therapists and integrates aspects of holographic reincarnation therapy into her work as a holistic coach for personality and potential development. If you are interested in a coaching session, please write an email to Birgitta Borghoff.

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