Johann Jakob Rieter Foundation Prize for Bachelor Thesis on Public Discourse on Female Entreprepreneurship in Switzerland

Very proud of Melina Stavrinos, who was awarded the Johann Jakob Rieter Foundation Prize this evening. It was an honour and great pleasure for me to supervise your bachelor thesis entitled „Public Storytelling Analysis on the Situation of Female Entrepreneurship in Switzerland and Development of a Discursive Message Design for the Female Entrepreneur Event of the Entrepreneur Club Winterthur and the Business and Professional Women Club Winterthur”. Melina studied Organizational Communication at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and received her diploma yesterday. Congrats!!! 🌟💪🔛

I am particularly pleased that the relevance of and the discourse on Female Entrepreneurship is also becoming increasingly important in Switzerland.

Dear Swiss women: Go for your passion and you’ll rock! Be blessed, follow your heart and bliss. 🌟💪💥🔛

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